Let's think inside the Box!



years of experience as a Business Developer
with a large real estate media in Luxembourg

Many Years of Experience
6+ years
As an International Business Developer and Project Manager in the security technology industry
12+ years

As a super home organiser

14+ years

As a happy working Mum 

39+ years

As interior design & architecture lover

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About melanie henriche

Let’s think inside the box!

Having developed all along my professional experience a great sense of relationship, analysis and flexibility, it’s naturally that I chose to make my passion my profession.

Now it’s time to bring my experience at your service to make your property transaction simple, efficient and affordable.

I believe that each property journey is unique !

A Home is not just four walls made of bricks and a roof. It’s a lived sanctuary, a place of comfort, everyone deserves to find the right house at the right time. Therefore at High Five we are committed to putting our client’s best interests first!

“Let’s discuss how we can help you because we love to care your home ! ”
Our Vision

“ Always focused on providing my customers & partners the greatest experience to support them every step of the way.”

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